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Austin Seferian-Jenkins apologizes to fans and coaches

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Chicago Bears

Austin Seferian-Jenkins got into a few controversies last week, getting sent off the practice field for not knowing what he was doing, and then going off on fans on Twitter, even threatening one fan. Neither of those things are good, but he apologized for them after practice today. The Tampa Bay Times has the full quote.

"I can't take it out on the fans. That's not fair to them at all. All they want is a winner, all they want is me to be successful, all they want me to be is great. They just want me to get ready and I respect that. For any of the fans I offended, I'm sorry."

Greg Auman has part of the video of that apology, which mostly focuses on him getting sent off the practice field last week.

"There’s a standard here at One Buc [Place] that needs to be upheld," Seferian-Jenkins said, "and I didn’t uphold my end of the bargain. I was asked to leave, and left, and it really falls on my shoulders for not being prepared to do what I need to do. It's a learning process, and I’m ready today and I’m excited to be back at work and put this behind me."

"I wasn't prepared to come to work, I didn’t do what was asked of me. Coach was 100% right in doing what he was doing, and I stand right behind my coach on what he did. It's tough, you love the game, and unfortunately I was not prepared. I’m gonna be prepared, I'm prepared. I won’t let it happen again."

So, that’s all good. Now he just needs to show it on the field.