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Gerald McCoy wants to win a Super Bowl in Tampa

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers need to win. We've been saying that for years and years, and is never not true. Everyone knows it: the coaches, the front office, the owners and the players. Including Gerald McCoy, who told Scott Reynolds of Pewter Report that he wants to win a Super Bowl in Tampa.

"I want to win a Super Bowl, but my desire to win goes deeper than just the Super Bowl," McCoy said. "It’s wanting to win a Super Bowl in Tampa. My favorite team growing up was the Bucs, so I watched them win the Super Bowl. That has to be the greatest feeling ever, but it has to be in Tampa."

Sounds good, Gerald. It's time to get to work, though. The Bucs now have a quarterback who had the potential to win a Super Bowl, they have talent on defense, they have a new and hopefully improved coaching staff, it just all needs to come together.

That's easier said than done. No one goes into the season thinking they're about to lose a whole bunch of games. Or those that do at least don't say it out loud. Lovie Smith always said the goal was winning a Super Bowl. So does Dirk Koetter. We have to hope he's better at living up to his goals than his predecessors.