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Pro Bowl moves to Orlando, back to conference format

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The 2017 Pro Bowl will be held in Orlando, Florida, the NFL announced today. That had been reported two weeks ago by a lone radio host in Orlando, Nick Gryniewicz. Now it's finally been confirmed.

So, a bunch of Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans will be able to watch a few of their favorite players in the Pro Bowl -- or not, if everything goes right and the Bucs end up in the Super Bowl. That'll be fun.

The NFL also announced that the Pro Bowl will be moving back to an NFC vs. AFC format, rather than the fantasy draft format they'd used the past three years. Neither really matters: the Pro Bowl is still a pretty dull affair that's mostly just a collective getaway for the best players in the NFL. The most amusing stuff from the Pro Bowl is always clips of players screwing with each other during the week leading up to it.

Instead of having to travel to Hawaii to see that stuff first hand, though, a lot of Bucs fans can stay relatively close to home. So, that's good.