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Buccaneers cut three, sign four in never-ending wheel of undrafted free agent doom

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have cut three of the undrafted free agents they signed before rookie mini-camp this past weekend: tight end Tim Brown, linebacker Tyson Coleman and defensive tackle Jontavius Morris will have to find a place elsewhere in the NFL.

Meanwhile, the team signed linebacker Micah Awe, defensive tackle Travis Britz, wide receiver Andre Davis and tackle Kelby Johnson after they tried out at mini-camp. Davis is a former USF player who spent part of last year on the Bucs' practice squad, and was cut right before the draft.

All the players the Bucs gave signing bonuses to did make the roster. Whether that's a sign they made the right decision in recruiting them, or just a refusal to cut their losses remains to be seen. In the end, none of these players are particularly likely to make the roster, though one or two undrafted free agents usually manage to stick on the final roster, and a few more on the practice squad.

Thus the never-ending wheel of undrafted free agent doom continues to turn. Such is life.