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Robert Ayers hits Pro Football Focus' top 101 of 2015

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have at least one player on Pro Football Focus' list of the top 101 players of 2015: Robert Ayers, formerly of the New York Giants, is listed at number 91. The Bucs signed him this offseason to help fix their pass-rush woes, though he's less of a pure edge rusher and more of a hybrid outside/inside player like Michael Bennett. Pro Football Focus loved his work in recent years, after he struggled to produce anything

Seen by many as simply a first-round bust with the Broncos, Ayers has quietly developed into a fine player, first before leaving Denver and then in New York, parlaying his way into a healthy free-agent deal from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Ayers was one of the few bright spots on the Giants defense this past season, and yet still played just 581 total snaps, being held back by the Giants from being even more productive simply based on how much he was on the field. He notched 48 total pressures from 381 pass-rushing snaps.

The Bucs hope Ayers' recent career resurgence isn't just a short-term flare-up fueled by a part-time role, of course. He's going to be a full-time starter in Tampa Bay, who will play both at defensive end and almost certainly as a pass-rusher on the inside as well. Of course, he'll turn 31 this season so there's a realistic chance that he's already shown the best he has to offer and it won't get any better.

That's okay, though. The Bucs drafted Noah Spence in the second round to add some extra pass rush, and they have high hopes for Jacquies Smith and Will Gholston. Ayers doesn't need to be a top 100 player this year, he just needs to be a productive pass rusher.