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Buccaneers rookie mini-camp roster includes 21 tryout players

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have announced their rookie mini-camp roster for the next three days. The Bucs get their seven draft picks and nineteen undrafted free agents in the building for the first time, adding a whopping 25 tryout players who hope to make the roster -- but are mostly there just to serve as camp players so they can actually go through practice. After all, if you have wide receivers, you need quarterbacks to throw them the ball. Quarterbacks like, apparently, Steven Bench.

We talked about all of these undrafted free agents when they were announced, and the draft picks have been a frequent topic of conversation as well. The tryout players not so much. The most notable of these is probably Roman Namdar, a Mount Union receiver and former quarterback who put up a ridiculous 140 catches for 2,390 yards and 38 touchdowns in his only two years as a receiver. The Bucs also added a receiver called Mike Thomas, the third receiver with that name in this draft, and the fourth in NFL history -- unless he actually is the Mike Thomas who last played in the NFL in 2012.

Another intriguing player is Maine defensive end Mike Kozlakowski, who at 6'3" 250 lbs. is best fit to be a pass-rush specialist, and put up a very good 1.60-second 10-yard split at his pro day.

You can expect the Bucs to sign a few of these tryout players after the weekend, when they'll also cut some of the undrafted free agents they already signed.

Draft picks

19, Roberto Aguayo, K, Florida State

28, Vernon Hargreaves III, CB, Florida

29, Ryan Smith, DB, North Carolina Central

57, Noah Spence, DE, Eastern Kentucky

59, Devante Bond, LB, Oklahoma

77, Caleb Benenoch, OL, UCLA

86, Danny Vitale, TE, Northwestern

Undrafted free agents

16, Dez Stewart, WR, Ohio Dominican

33, Tim Brown, TE, West Chester

35, Traveon Henry, S, Northwestern

39, Isaiah Johnson, S, South Carolina

41, Elijah Shumate, S, Notre Dame

43, Peyton Barber, RB, Auburn

44, Russell Hansbrough, RB, Missouri

45, Alan Cross, TE, Memphis

46, Kivon Cartwright, TE, Colorado State

46, Tyson Coleman, LB, Oregon

49, Cassanova McKinzy, LB, Auburn

50, Luke Rhodes, LB, William & Mary

60, Dominique Robertson, G, West Georgia

65, Taylor Fallin, T, Memphis

66, Leonard Wester, T, Missouri Western

71, Channing Ward, DE, Mississippi

75, DaVonte Lambert, DT, Auburn

79, Jontavius Morris, DT, Western Kentucky

Prior undrafted free agents

15, Bernard Reedy, WR, Toledo

32, Joel Ross, CB, Appalachian State

81, Tevin Westbrook, TE, Florida

Tryout players

1, Cason Beatty, P, Florida State

2, Steven Bench, QB, USF

10, Phillip Ely, QB, Toledo

17, Andre Davis, WR, USF

24, Marqus Baker, CB, Buffalo

25, Stanley Absanon, CB, Eastern Kentucky

48, Justin Shirk, TE, Bloomsburg

51, Dax Dellenbach, LS, Florida State

52, Micah Awe, LB, Texas Tech

56, Zach Shaw, LB, Indiana

58, Mike Kozlakowski, LB, Maine

61, Joel Hale, C, Ohio State

62, Rob Trudo, G, Syracuse

72, Thor Jozwiak, G, USF

73, Brynjar Gudmunsson, C, USF

74, Dave Bowen, T, Boston College

76, Kelby Johnson, T, Louisville

80, Roman Namdar, WR, Mount Union

82, Mike Thomas, WR, Arizona

94, Darryl Paulo, DE, Washington State

95, Martavius Foster, DE, Colorado State

97, Travis Britz, DT, Kansas State

98, Pio Vatuvei, DT, Louisville