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Buccaneers have no starters from 2013 NFL draft, still get a C

Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Looking back, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers completely messed up the 2013 NFL draft, the final draft of Mark Dominik's and Greg Schiano's reigns. They traded away their first-round pick for Darrelle Revis, who was cut a year later for having a ridiculous salary. They drafted Johnthan Banks in the second round, and his play has been up-and-down at best -- he's currently the third or fourth cornerback on the roster, depending on where you slot rookie first-round pick Vernon Hargreaves.

The rest of the draft wasn't much better. Mike Glennon has been solid for his draft position, but not good enough to actually keep a starting job through any offseason. Akeem Spence has been good for a fourth-round pick, even if he didn't quite fit Lovie Smith's defense and doesn't bring much pass rush. William Gholston has been similar: good run defense, not much pass rush -- though Gholston has at least started semi-regularly and shown the potential to develop as a pass-rusher.

Steven Means, an athletic pass-rusher with few skills, turned out to be a dud. Mike James has been a solid back when he's gotten on the field, but coach after coach has preferred different players and kept him off the field. The Bucs got some production out of undrafted tight end Tim Wright, but he turned out to be a one-year wonder.

Despite all of that mediocrity and outright failure, the Bucs still got a C in Greg Bedard's re-draft. Seriously:

It's only been three years since Dominik and Schiano were running things in Tampa? Seems like a decade ago. There's a whole lot of average in this group, although QB Mike Glennon could emerge as a starter elsewhere once he gets a chance to leave.

No impact players. No starters. Two role-players on the defensive line, one third- or fourth-string running back, and a cornerback who has had the most inconsistent career I've ever seen. How does this get a C? Is the bar really that low?

I guess it is. That's a lot of draft mediocrity in the NFL.