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NFL Super Bowl odds say Buccaneers will be a bottom-five team in 2017

Steve Jennings/Getty Images

Tampa Bay Buccaneers are pretty optimistic about the Bucs' chances this year: Jameis Winston in his second year, a healthier group of wide receivers, big talent additions along the offensive line and in the secondary, a good kicker, and a new head coach. Plenty of reason to believe the Bucs will be able to do better than the underperforming 6-10 team we saw last year.

The latest Super Bowl odds don't really agree. The Bucs are now the fourth-worst team in the NFL, according to Bovada's latest Super Bowl odds: they give the Bucs a 75/1 chance of winning the Super Bowl, only barely better than the 100/1 odds given to the Cleveland Browns, San Francisco 49ers and Tennessee Titans.

The shocking thing isn't just that Las Vegas is down on the Bucs, it's that they're more pessimistic than they were two months ago. Right after agency hit, the Bucs were given 50/1 odds of winning the Super Bowl, which was pretty much smack-dab in the middle of the pack at the time. Now, despite having a pretty good draft by most estimations, the Bucs drop down to the bottom of the league and a top-five pick in 2017.