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Vernon Hargreaves' highlight tape shows why he's a first-round pick

We'll start doing some in-depth breakdowns of the various rookie draft picks pretty soon, but we have some things to tide you over first: highlight videos. I loved this one of Vernon Hargreaves -- it shows some of his best plays in detail, and you can immediately see why the Bucs made him a first-round pick. The physicality as a tackler, the transition from backpedal to driving downhill, the ability to high-point the football, his awareness and agility to track receivers, and perhaps most importantly: his hands.

The Bucs got just two interceptions out of their cornerbacks last year. They signed Brent Grimes and Vernon Hargreaves to fix that problem. And if this highlight tape doesn't get you at least a little excited about the prospect of the Florida cornerback on the Bucs defense, I'm not quite sure what will.

Of course, being a highlight tape, it doesn't show his deficiencies. They exist. We'll break all of that down at a later point. For now, just enjoy the show.