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When will Tampa host a Super Bowl again?

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Tampa's Raymond James Stadium missed out on hosting one of three Super Bowls that were on offer this past week, with 2019 going to Atlanta, 2020 to South Florida, and 2021 to San Francisco. Two new stadiums and one thoroughly renovated one: stadium investments bring Super Bowls.

Meanwhile, the Tampa Bay area hasn't hosted a Super Bowl since 2009, their fourth overall. No Super Bowl appears to be in the area's immediate future. The Bucs are renovating the stadium right now, with renovations expected to cost around $100 million, but that's not the same as having a new stadium and still just about a quarter of the cost of Miami's stadium renovations. Raymond James Stadium is more modern than pre-renovations New Miami Stadium, but

It's hard to see a clear path to hosting a Super Bowl, even if Roger Goodell told the Bucs' owners that the area is "in excellent position to contend for Super Bowl in the years to come."

That's a curious contention, given that year after year, new Super Bowls go to new and newly renovated stadiums. And with 32 teams in the league and yearly talk of moves (the latest: Oakland Raiders eyeing Las Vegas), Raymond James Stadium will need a lot of luck to find a Super Bowl opportunity in the 2020s.