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Warren Sapp is not amused by Timmy Jernigan paying tribute to him

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Warren Sapp is not amused with Timmy Jernigan's decision to wear number 99 in tribute to him. Sapp took to Twitter to ask the Baltimore Ravens how he could stop the defensive lineman from going through with his plan.

Sapp has always said that there is no such thing as a new Sapp, no matter how often draft analysts compare incoming defensive tackles to him. Jernigan isn't him either: the former Florida State player has eight sacks through two years in the NFL. That's pretty good, and Jernigan is not a bad player, but it's hardly at Sapp's Hall of Fame level.

Sapp won't have to worry about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers giving anyone else number 99: they retired that number a couple years ago when he entered the team's Ring of Honor. He can focus on more important things, like preventing NFL players everywhere from paying tribute to him.