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Gerald McCoy makes Top 100, compared to The Hulk by Jameis Winston

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have their first player on the Top 100 players of 2015: Gerald McCoy was ranked number 63 by his fellow players. You can watch the NFL Films clip here.

McCoy was probably helped a little bit by teammate Lavonte David ranking him number one. Still, McCoy fell  36 spots compared to last year's 27th ranking, which is justified: he struggled with injuries throughout the season, and those injuries visibly limited him on the field. McCoy still managed an impressive 8.5 sacks, but he wasn't as consistently disruptive as he'd been in previous seasons.

The best part of the NFL Top 100 isn't where every player is ranked, though, but the clips NFL Films puts together of highlight plays and players complimenting each other. For McCoy, Lavonte David, Jameis Winston, Cameron Jordan, Major Wright and Mike Daniels were among the players they got to talk about him. .

"He's Bruce Banner in the locker room, but when he gets on the field he's Hulk Smash," Winston said.

Bucs safety Major Wright talked about his ridiculous get-off, saying it's like "he knows the snapcount," but Packers defensive tackle Mike Daniels had the best remarks.

"I'm not going to say what he does, but they can't stop it," Daniels said. "It's like 'Oh my goodness this guy is doing the exact same thing and they can't stop it!' It's actually funny when you watch it on film."

Daniels wouldn't tell NFL Films what that move is, though. "I'm not gonna tell you that! I'm gonna watch that guy keep beating offensive linemen."

I'm pretty sure I know which move he means, though: Warren Sapp's infamous "ghost" move.