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Tampa Bay misses out on another three Super Bowl host opportunities

Doug Benc/Getty Images

Despite finally renovating Raymond James Stadium, the Tampa Bay area will not be hosting Super Bowls LIII (2019), LIV (2020) and LV (2020). Those will be heading to Atlanta, Miami (technically, "South Florida") and Los Angeles, respectively. Miami's renovation beat out Tampa's, in this case.

The last time Raymond James Stadium hosted a Super Bowl was in 2009, when the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Arizona Cardinals.

"While today's decision is disappointing, we remain confident that our area -- with its rich sports history, strong tourism-based economy and ideal warm climate -- will remain a strong contender for future consideration," Tampa Bay Buccaneers co-chairman Bryan Glazer said.

The area has been trying to get a new Super Bowl year after year, but keeps coming up short as other places add new stadiums. Those seem to come with mandatory Super Bowl hosting opportunities, these days. Tampa Bay may have a better shot at a new Super Bowl once the renovations are actually done.