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Glazers fire Louis Van Gaal, proving they're impatient everywhere

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The Glazers fired Louis van Gaal yesterday, the head coach for Manchester United. You know, that other pro sports team that family owns. The one in England. The one that supposedly is taking money away from the Bucs even though the Glazers have consistently taken money out of that Premier League team, but I digress.

Like Lovie Smith two years ago in Tampa, Van Gaal was the extremely experienced coach who was going to help rebuild the team and help bring it back to glory, coming in right after some dollop screwed things up. And like Lovie Smith, Van Gaal fixed nothing: Manchester United won the FA Cup this year, but failed to qualify for the Champions League this year after being knocked out in the group phase this year and didn't compete for the league title in either one. Also the actual football was boring and bad.

Unlike Dirk Koetter, new Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho is not an internal promotion kept on because he was so promising. Mourinho is a highly successful and veteran coach who has won basically everything there is to win. It's more like hiring, say, Tom Coughlin.

Turns out the Glazers have no patience, on either side of the ocean. That may not be great news for Dirk Koetter, or Jason Licht. What's going to happen if the third-party projections are right, and the Bucs go 6-10 this season? Who will get fired then? And will the Bucs hire Tom Coughlin instead?