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Jimbo Fisher thinks drafting Roberto Aguayo in the second round was "genius"

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

It seems every day some new quote about Roberto Aguayo pops up somewhere. Drafting him in the second round may be the best thing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in terms of name recognition, if not exactly in terms of value. This time, Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher decided to call the trade up for the kicker "genius" in a conversation with Matt Baker of the Tampa Bay Times.

"Tell me what a guard or a tackle's going to do more than a kicker does in critical situations. They're all just as critical...When a puzzle's put together, if one piece is missing, it's still empty. When you can get the best kicker you've seen and one of the best in the history of the NCAA, why would you not?"

Okay well, it's nice that this former college player's former college thinks he was really really good and valuable. I'm sure that'll be of great value and help to everyone involved. Those who liked the pick can now feel strengthened in their beliefs, while everyone else can dismiss him as just a college coach talking about his players. Badmouthing them isn't exactly in his best interest, right?