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The Pro Bowl is reportedly coming to Orlando

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL has been looking for new places to host the Pro Bowl, and it seems it may be coming to Orlando next year. That's according to a report by Nick Gryniewicz of ESPN Orlando from last night. While it hasn't been confirmed anywhere, the fact that it hasn't been contradicted probably says something about the validity of that report.

The next Bucs to make the Pro Bowl can just stay at home and commute from there, though I guess that'd take away from the whole leisurely holiday experience that is most of the Pro Bowl.

More importantly for us, it'll be a whole lot easier for a lot of Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans to see their favorite players compete against/play with/hang around on a football field with the rest of the best players in the NFL. You won't need tot take a trip to Hawaii to go see the Pro Bowl now.