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NFL Draft 2016: Buccaneers announce rookie jersey numbers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Update: Devante Bond changed to No. 59.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers just announced which jersey numbers their draft picks will wear. The most relevant ones: Vernon Hargreaves will get no. 28, Noah Spence no. 57 and Roberto Aguayo no. 19.

The only number that conflicted was that of Josh Keyes, who wore 57. He's now listed without a number on the Bucs' website. Spence choosing 57 is a little interesting, mostly because it's usually a linebacker number. I say usually, because Jacquies Smith also wears 56 and defensive linemen are allowed to pick numbers in the 50s -- they just rarely do so. Spence is listed as a defensive end on the roster.

So if you want to order some jerseys with rookie names and numbers now you know what to get.