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The Buccaneers offensive line is just right

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have one of the most average offensive lines in the NFL. No, not in terms of on-field play -- that remains to be seen -- but in terms of size, pay and age.

Age-wise, the Bucs have a pretty average line: 26.6 years on average, tied for 12th with three other teams. They have a good mix of veterans and youngsters, with Joe Hawley, Demar Dotson and J.R. Sweezy representing the old guard, and Donovan Smith and Ali Marpet the young talent.  The Bucs are also downright average in terms of their cap spend on the offensive line, with just over $24 million ranking fourteenth, according to Spotrac.

In terms of height, the Bucs are at the top with an average of 6'5" -- along with half the league, the other half having 6'4" linemen., according to SB Nation That's propped up largely by Demar Dotson's 6'9" frame, and every team is either. Weight-wise, they're actually one of the lightest in the league at 312 lbs. on average. Only five teams are lighter, with the Atlanta Falcons fielding an offensive line that weighs just 304 lbs. That's tiny: the heaviest line in the NFL weighs 327 lbs. on average, so the Falcons are well below average -- while the Bucs are pretty close to normal, even if they're the sixth-lightest around. All but seven teams field offensive lines between 320 and 312 lbs.

This is all somewhat surprising -- the Bucs seem to have gone for bigger, more athletic linemen in recent years. It seems that they're not alone in that choice. In basically every metric, the Bucs line is pretty much average. Here's to hoping their performance will be a lot better than that.