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Which three Buccaneers games should the NFL put on YouTube?

Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

The NFL announced a new partnership with YouTube today, and it will include putting three of every team's most memorable games on their YouTube channel before the start of the 2016 season. So naturally, that got me thinking about which games they'd pick for the Bucs.

Two choices seem obvious: first, the 2002 NFC Championship game. Nothing's sweeter than beating the Philadelphia Eagles in the final game in their old stadium, on a Ronde Barber pick six. The second game would be the 1999 NFC Championship game, with the Bucs holding the Greatest Show on Turf to just 11 points -- and losing on a controversial no-catch ruling. Yes, that was a loss -- but it was one hell of a game.

I can think of several options for the third game: beating the St. Louis Rams in 2003, 38-35 with a ridiculous lateral from Warrick Dunn to Shaun King. The coming out of Warren Sapp against the San Francisco 49ers in 1997, when he knocked both Jerry Rice and Steve Young out of the game. The 1979 NFC divisional playoff game against the Philadelphia Eagles, the team's first playoff appearance and first playoff win. Maybe the 1997 playoff win over the Detroit Lions, the team's first playoff game in 15 years.

Or perhaps they should pick a more recent game. The 2009 3-13 team that beat the eventual Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints in overtime, the 2012 comeback against the Carolina Panthers, where they turned a 21-10 deficit with 6 minutes remaining into an overtime win. Or last year's comeback against the Atlanta Falcons, that saw Jameis Winston pull off a ridiculous scramble to keep the team's hopes alive.

Which games would you like to see on the NFL's YouTube channel?