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Dirk Koetter will have a dedicated game management coach

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will have a coach dedicated to game management decisions this season: Andrew Weidinger, who's been a quality control coach for several seasons now. With Lovie Smith having problems knowing when to go for it on fourth down and when to call timeouts, this is probably a smart move on Dirk Koetter's part. He talked to Jason Cole of Bleacher Report about that move, and a lot of other topics.

When I was the offensive coordinator, if I was up in the box, we always had a designated coach on the field that if I said, "This situation is up" and the head coach was on the other side of the phones talking to the defensive staff, that coach on the field would go remind the head coach about this or that. There is so much pressure when that clock is ticking, you have to have somebody who is on top of that and looking ahead.

Getting these decisions right isn't the most important part of being a head coach, but it is one of the most visible so I'm always surprised when they make obvious mistakes. It's not that difficult to have someone to over the percentages and give you advice on what to do, so it's good to see Koetter taking that step.

The rest of that interview has some neat notes as well. Kotter talked about the tragic situation that occurred when he was the head coach at Arizona State in 2005, when a player shot and killed someone after several incidents in which he'd threatened violence. Koetter also helpfully notes the Bucs should score more points and allow fewer completions.