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Leonard Floyd rises up in Mike Mayock's position rankings

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Mayock's latest position rankings for the 2016 NFL draft shuffled a few players around. That's resulted in some moves that neatly sum up the problems the Tampa Bay Buccaneers face in this draft: which player can they draft that's actually worth the ninth overall pick?

At edge rusher, Mayock dropped Noah Spence to number four and named Leonard Floyd the second-best edge rusher in the draft. Joey Bosa's still on top, while Shaq Lawson comes in at number three.

Floyd's a weird case: he doesn't have a lot of production, and his 6'6", 244 lbs. frame (he likely played at a lower weight) aren't exactly promising, but he's a tremendous athlete. The question is where do you play him, because he'll likely have a hard time holding up on the edge against the run, and how will he be able to adjust to NFL tackles? There's very little precedent for a pass-rusher of his size and frame doing well in the NFL.

The other position the Buccaneers could target in the first round is cornerback. With Jalen Ramsey undoubtedly off the board, Vernon Hargreaves remains the most likely first-round pick for the Bucs -- Mayock certainly thinks he's the top cornerback behind Ramsey. But, as with Floyd, the question isn't so much where he ranks at his position, but whether he'd be worth the ninth overall pick.

Assuming the Bucs can't trade up or down, it's starting to look like the Bucs will have to settle for a player who, in most other drafts, would not be worth a top ten pick.