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Bradley McDougald signs tender, Sterling Moore signs with the Bills

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills have signed cornerback Sterling Moore, the team announced today. Moore signed a one-year deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last year, but was not re-signed -- the Bucs showed no (public) interest in retaining him.

That was a somewhat curious decision, given the Bucs' need for a new cornerback. Pewter Report hinted a couple of times that something in the locker room didn't quite feel right with Moore, but that didn't stop him from being by far the best cornerback on the roster last year. Seems like some minor locker room friction or whatever. Still, he's gone now, so no point in moaning about it.

Curiously, Moore's the Bucs' first unrestricted free agent to sign elsewhere this offseason. Bruce Carter signed with the New York Jets a few days ago, but the Bucs had cut him to save cap space, so that's a slightly different situation.

Meanwhile, the Bucs announced that restricted free agents Bradley McDougald and Andrew DePaola had signed their restricted free agent tenders. That's mostly a formality, but it's good to have confirmation that they'll be back anyway. DePaola's been a reliable longsnapper, while McDougald should compete for a starting spot at safety this year after starting for almost all of last season.