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Vernon Hargreaves' Buccaneers jersey number will be 28

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have just announced the number first-round draft pick Vernon Hargreaves will wear this year: 28.

The Florida prospect should be a feature on the Bucs defense. Even if he's not starting on the outside, he should play a major role in nickel packages this season, and obviously transition to a starting role in the long term.

Some other notes from his introductory press conference

  • Asked what coverage best describes him, Hargreaves said "Press man. End of."
  • He hasn't been home yet, so he doesn't know if he can move back into his old room in his mom's house. Hargreaves grew up in Tampa.
  • Hargreaves definitely displayed a lot of confidence, which Jason Licht said was one of the reasons they drafted him. He's not afraid to say he's a great player, or to go up against the best receivers in the game. Kelvin Benjamin was mentioned, specifically.