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2016 NFL Draft: Start time, TV schedule, live stream, order for Friday and Saturday

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The first round of the 2016 NFL draft is over, but the draft itself isn't. Day two starts at 7:00 p.m. ET today, with rounds two and three on the docket. On Saturday, the draft will finish up with rounds four through seven -- and then the all-important undrafted free agent crunch.

The first round was fascinating, with trades left and right and some real surprises in addition to the whole Laremy Tunsil drama. It may have been the weirdest first round in years. One surprising result is that several projected first-round picks at defensive end fell into the second round, even though pass rushers usually come off the board very early. Myles Jack dropping all the way out of the first round because of a possible chronic knee injury was a shock too.

On day two, we should see a lot more movement, especially at the top of round one. Several teams there could target quarterbacks, like the Cleveland Browns and Dallas Cowboys. Others may look to move up for a pass rusher, especially the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It should be a fun day. Here's everything you need to know to watch today's happenings.

How to watch the 2016 NFL Draft

Rounds 2-3

Date: Fri., April 29

Time: 7 p.m. ET

TV: NFL Network, ESPN

Live stream:

Rounds 4-7

Date: Sat., April 30

Time: 12 p.m. ET

TV: NFL Network, ESPN

Live stream:

Buccaneers 2016 draft picks

Round 1: pick 9 (9th overall): Vernon Hargreaves, CB, Florida

Round 2: pick 8 (39th overall)

Round 3: pick 11 (74th overall)

Round 4: pick 8 (106th overall, from Chicago Bears)

Round 4: pick 10 (108th overall)

Round 5: pick 9 (148th overall)

Round 6: pick 8 (183rd overall)

Round 6: pick 22 (197th overall, from Washington)

Round two draft order

32. Cleveland Browns
33. Tennessee Titans
34. Dallas Cowboys
35. San Diego Chargers
36. Baltimore Ravens
37. Kansas City Chiefs (from San Francisco 49ers)
38. Jacksonville Jaguars
39. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
40. New York Giants
41. Chicago Bears
42. Miami Dolphins
43. Tennessee Titans (from Los Angeles Rams via Philadelphia Eagles)
44. Oakland Raiders
45. Tennessee Titans (from Los Angeles Rams)
46. Detroit Lions
47. New Orleans Saints
48. Indianapolis Colts
49. Buffalo Bills
50. Atlanta Falcons
51. New York Jets
52. Houston Texans
53. Washington
54. Minnesota Vikings
55. Cincinnati Bengals
56. Seattle Seahawks
57. Green Bay Packers
58. Pittsburgh Steelers
59. Kansas City Chiefs
60. New England Patriots
61. New England Patriots (from Arizona Cardinals)
62. Carolina Panthers
63. Denver Broncos

You can find the full draft order right here.