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2016 NFL Draft Results: Buccaneers get Vernon Hargreaves, extra pick in round one

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers had a pretty good first day of the 2016 NFL draft, picking up an extra fourth-round pick and drafting the player they wanted all along: Florida cornerback Vernon Hargreaves.

There had been a lot of speculation that he draft would be filled with trades, but that didn't quite end up happening. At least not initially. The top seven more or less like expected, with Laremy Tunsil falling down because someone posted a video of him smoking what appeared to be weed to his Twitter. At number nine, the Bucs had the choice of Tunsil, Myles Jack, Shaq Lawson, Vernon Hargreaves, Leonard Floyd and Noah Spence -- essentially every player they'd been linked to. Instead, they traded down two spots with the Chicago Bears, picking up an early fourth-round pick in the process.

And at eleven, they drafted exactly who they wanted: Vernon Hargreaves III, the Florida cornerback. A playmaker with some height concerns, he should be a nickel cornerback as a rookie and step in as a starter before long. Bonus: he's a local who always wanted to be a Buc. Pretty good.

The Bucs could have traded back up into the first round at the end as several defensive linemen kept falling, but they stuck with their eighth pick in the second round -- at least for now. They need a defensive end, and they're likely to get one, too: Kevin Dodd, Emmanuel Ogbah and Noah Spence all fell out of the first round and would look pretty good in pewter and red.

On a slightly less positive note, the NFC South as a whole had a pretty good day. The New Orleans Saints grabbed the best pass-rushing defensive tackle in the draft in Sheldon Rankins, while the Carolina Panthers added a huge and also very good defensive tackle in Vernon Butler. The Atlanta Falcons drafted yet another player the Bucs could have used: Florida safety Keanu Neal, though the seventeenth pick may have been a little early for him.

Buccaneers 2016 draft picks

Round 1: pick 11: Vernon Hargreaves, CB, Florida

Round 2: pick 8 (39th overall)

Round 3: pick 11 (74th overall)

Round 4: Pick 8 (106th overall, from Chicago Bears)

Round 4: pick 10 (108th overall)

Round 5: pick 9 (148th overall)

Round 6: pick 8 (183rd overall)

Round 6: pick 22 (197th overall, from Washington)