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Someone posted a video of Laremy Tunsil smoking probably weed to his Twitter

Someone who is an absolutely miserable human being had access to Laremy Tunsil's Twitter account, and posted a video of him smoking what appears to be weed through a gas mask right as the 2016 NFL draft started. The video was taken down minutes later, but survives on the internet.

A lot of NFL players smoke weed, so this isn't particularly relevant from an on-field or off-field perspective. It's trivially easy not to get caught with the NFL's testing schedule, and no one tested positive at the combine this year. But this will force whatever team drafts him to address it, it may put him in the NFL's expanded testing program, and it's just an all-around headache for everyone. This could very well push him down a couple of picks. Which is a shame, because this is absolutely the kind of thing that a large percentage of NFL players do. They just don't get it posted on their Twitter accounts.

Mostly, some absolute jackass got access to Tunsil's Twitter account.