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2016 NFL Draft: Date, time, schedule, order and more

Kena Krutsinger/Getty Images

The 2016 NFL draft is coming, and it should be fun. We've already had a wild ride in the run up to the draft. Both the number one and the number two overall pick were traded, and rumors are swirling that we'll see more top ten trades. We're almost certain to see quarterbacks going number and two again, and we might even see three or four quarterbacks in the top ten. Things are unpredictable.

Part of the problem is that outside of quarterbacks Carson Wentz and Jared Goff, and cornerback/safety Jalen Ramsey, there's little consensus on the best prospects in the draft. Defensive end Joey Bosa's widely considered a top five pick, but there are some rumors he could slide down. Tackle Laremy Tunsil was seen as a potential number one overall pick, but he's now sometimes mocked as the third tackle off the board. It's a confusing draft all around, which should make for lots of intrigue the next days.

No team epitomizes that confusion quite like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. With the ninth overall pick, there are few players who feel like slam-dunk options for them. Jalen Ramsey and Joey Bosa almost certainly won't be available to them, DeForest Buckner and Myles Jack would be poor scheme fits, Laremy Tunsil, Jack Conklin and Ronnie Stanley don't fit their needs, and Vernon Hargreaves, Noah Spence and Shaq Lawson aren't quite at the level you'd expect out of top ten picks. And then there's the trade option in either direction. No one knows what's going to happen once the draft starts, so tune in!

Stick with us for live coverage of the draft, and we'll keep track of everything that happens for the Bucs, and how it impacts them.

Here's everything you need to watch the draft.

How to watch the 2016 NFL Draft

Round 1

Date: Thurs., April 28

Time: 8 p.m. ET

TV: NFL Network, ESPN

Rounds 2-3

Date: Fri., April 29

Time: 7 p.m. ET

TV: NFL Network, ESPN

Rounds 4-7

Date: Sat., April 30

Time: 12 p.m. ET

TV: NFL Network, ESPN