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2016 NFL Draft: Jets considered trading up to number one

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets considered trading up to the number one pick in the draft, and talked to the Tennessee Titans in order to get a deal done. That's what Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan said today, via Brian Costello of the New York Post. Maccagnan also said that he'd consider drafting a quarterback "at any point in the draft," though he reiterated re-signing Ryan Fitzpatrick is still a priority for them.

That's all very good news for the Bucs, for two reasons. One, it increases the odds that the Jets trade into the top ten to pick a quarterback, pushing a top prospect down the list -- or possibly becoming a partner for a Bucs trade down. That's not overly likely, but it could happen. Much more importantly, it increases the odds that they're willing to trade for Mike Glennon, as they clearly need to add a quarterback or two at some point this offseason. Glennon should come more cheaply than a first-round pick, but then he'd likely have less upside as well.

Of course, talking to the Titans is a little different from being willing to give up a lot to get all the way to number one. Obviously they could not outbid the Rams, or the Eagles. And teams routinely have inquiring talks with any number of teams in the run-up to the draft, to set up any possible draft-day trades. After all, you don't want to stuck haggling a complicated deal on a ten- or five-minute clock.

Still, it's another indication that there are still quarterback-hungry and trade-hungry teams out there. And the more we see that the Bucs don't really have an ideal pick at number nine, and continue to prepare for Mike Glennon's departure, the more it seems like a draft-day trade is very likely.