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NFL Trade Rumors: Broncos could trade for Mike Glennon after losing Brock Osweiler

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos could trade for Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback.Mike Glennon -- that's the latest rumor, fueled by Jason La Canfora, among others. The Broncos lost quarterback Brock Osweiler in free agency, as he signed with the Houston Texans. Because Peyton Manning retired, they now don't have any quarterback they can rely on -- and while they may want to draft one, the 31st pick in the draft isn't about to get them a high-quality starter. Free agency isn't overly attractive: Robert Griffin III is really the only quarterback still available. The only other option: trading for someone -- like Mike Glennon.

Why this makes sense

The Broncos need a quarterback, Mike Glennon isn't about to start any games in Tampa, and the Bucs have been preparing for Glennon to leave by keeping quarterback Ryan Griffin on the roster for all of 2016 behind both Jameis Winston and Glennon. The latter's also only under quarterback for one more season.

In fact, Glennon would be a pretty good replacement for Brock Osweiler, being pretty much the same guy and all: a lanky, static, pocket quarterback with a solid arm who can make most NFL throws. Glennon also has more starting experience, and has shown he can be a slightly above replacement level quarterback -- with maybe the potential to turn into something more.

Why this doesn't make sense

The Bucs really don't want to part with Mike Glennon. Not only have they not accepted any trade offers so far, but they've gone on record to emphasize that they would not be trading Glennon. Repeatedly. Dirk Koetter and Jason Licht believe that having a reliable backup quarterback for one season is more important than getting something in trade. The Bucs are also likely to qualify for a compensatory pick in 2018 if they let Glennon walk in free agency next year, rather than trading him now.

Of course, the right price could still persuade the Bucs -- and by that, I mean a second-round pick. That's unlikely to be on the table, though.

Likelihood of this happening: 25%