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Buccaneers have yet to lose a player in 2016 free agency

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers spent quite a lot of money in free agency. They filled essentially every need, though perhaps not adequately, and added some depth. They also re-signed a few players, while letting many others hit the market.

Strangely enough, though, not one Buccaneer who hit the market has signed a contract with another team. Greg Auman listed them for our convenience.

Looking at those names, I guess it's not all that strange. The only player who should have been signed but hasn't, is Sterling Moore. It's still odd the Bucs decided not to bring him back, even though he was clearly the team's best cornerback last year. The Bucs filled the void left by Moore's departure by signing Brent Grimes.

None of the departures are surprising,though. Henry Melton and Tony McDaniel didn't do much at defensive tackle, Mike Jenkins was a disaster, Larry English and Da'Quan Bowers flashed sometimes but did little other than that, and T.J. Fatinikun and Jorvorskie Lane are injured. That leaves 30-year-old Danny Lansanah, a player the Bucs preferred to replace with 34-year-old Daryl Smith.

The fact that these players haven't signed elsewhere says something about the Bucs' roster depth last year. Apparently, it wasn't all that good -- which explains why when injuries hit, the Bucs struggled to win any games. It also explains why none of these players are listed among ESPN's top 15 remaining free agents.

One thing to keep in mind: free agency isn't over. The Buccaneers and any other team can sign any of these players now, or at any point over the next months. And that's likely to happen at some point. A healthy Jorvorskie Lane and T.J. Fatinikun are likely additions, and I wouldn't be entirely shocked if Sterling Moore returned at some point. Those players are likely to have to wait until after the draft to find employment, though.