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Joel Glazer: Jameis Winston has been everything we heard

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers firmly believe they have a franchise quarterback on their hands. Joel Glazer talked to the media at the NFL Owners Meeting today, and JoeBucsFan has a full quote of Glazer praising Jameis Winston into the high heavens. Key excerpt:

"And everything we heard, we've seen play out and more once he came to the Buccaneers. I mean, the thing I'm really proud of him is not only what he's done on the field, not only the effort he puts in, first guy in the building and last guy out of the building as an example for other teammates, but in our community. Getting out in the community and whether it be kids, or anything we ask, he does it, and you can see he really enjoys it the way he interacts with people.

And this is absolutely true. Since coming to the Bucs, Winston has been exemplary player -- both on and off the field. By all accounts, he's been an important force in the locker room, and from what we know he's been hard at work to get better this offseason as well. There's every reason to believe that the Bucs have found their franchise quarterback, at long last.

Of course, we said the same thing of Josh Freeman in 2010. Winston isn't the same player, but it's still worth keeping in mind that there's no such thing as a sure thing. Not in the NFL. Still, the Bucs are well on their way toward stability at the most important position in the NFL. They have a quarterback who looks like one of the best young players in the NFL, and has done everything right off the field in his first season. As long as that keeps up, the Bucs should be just fine.