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Did the Buccaneers win in free agency?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were active in free agency this year. They re-signed Doug Martin, signed J.r. Sweezy to be their long-term left guard, signed Brent Grimes, Robert Ayers and Daryl Smith as short-term additions for the defense, and they re-signed a few of their own players to complete the deal. And judging by the past two years, they'll add a few surprise veterans over the next months as well.

When you list those moves out like that, it's no surprise that the Bucs are seen as a winner in free agency. That's how Elliot Harrison of NFL Network saw them, anyway. He listed them third among free agency winners, behind the Jacksonville Jaguars and San Diego Chargers.

This seems to happen every year: some analyst or other names the Bucs as a free agency winner. Either because they spent big on a few free agents, spent low on lots of free agents, found some seeming bargains or even just seemed to be prudent with their money. The last time no one mentioned them as a winner was 2011, when the only player they signed was punter Michael Koenen. And even then I wouldn't have been surprised had some writer named them a winner because they realized the draft was the most important part of the NFL.

Having established the meaninglessness of this question, I'm still going to ask it: did the Bucs win in free agency?