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Falcons release Roddy White

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons have released veteran receiver Roddy White, the team announced today. White has put up some astounding numbers over the years, but injuries and age have caught up with him. He hasn't topped 1,000 yards since 2012, and was just the number three receiver in Atlanta this past year, putting up 43 catches for 506 yards with one touchdown.

White was scheduled to make some $6 million this year, and that's a number the Falcons could never justify.

While White has slowed down considerably, the veteran receiver still has some juice left as a possession receiver. And that may just intrigue the Bucs, who have faced White repeatedly over the years -- and who now have a head coach who worked with White for two seasons. The Bucs had issues with depth at receiver at the end of last year, with several injuries robbing the offense of any explosive plays. While White isn't likely to bring those, he could add some depth and production in a limited role -- if he's willing to play for a relatively meager salary, that is.

That said, it's also entirely possible that White is just done. Which is why if the Bucs do decide to sign him, they probably shouldn't be committing too much money to him.