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Alex Mack hits free agency

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Mack has voided his contract with the Cleveland Browns, putting the veteran center on the free agent market, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, and several other reporters who are apparently on Mack's agent's mass-text list.

That puts Mack on the free agent market, which means the Tampa Bay Buccaneers could go after him. He could stil return to the Cleveland Browns as well. As we've written before, the Bucs have Mack's old offensive line coach and were linked to him when was scheduled to hit free agency in 2013, before he re-signed with the Browns. The Bucs could use an upgrade at center, or along the interior offensive line in general, though it's hardly a pressing need.

Both Mack and Mario Williams, who was released yesterday, fit what Jason Licht learned to do with the Arizona Cardinals, New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles: find old veterans who can be had relatively cheaply and still have some gas left in the tank. But both Mack and Williams are likely to be expensive and the Bucs face a competitive market.