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Buccaneers trying to re-sign Chris Conte before free agency

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are trying to re-sign safety Chris Conte, who posted two interceptions, two forced fumbles and six passes defensed in thirteen starts last year.

As much as Bucs fans seem to hate Conte, this is a good move. Conte wasn't a difference maker, but he was a solid, reliable free safety who made few mistakes in coverage. The Bucs allowed the fewest 20+-yard passes in the NFL last year, and Conte was a major reason why.

Conte's a nice starter, but he'd also be a nice backup. The Bucs have two other solid but not difference-making safeties in Major Wright and Bradley McDougald, and a nice rotational playmaker in Keith Tandy. The team could certainly upgrade the safety position in free agency or the draft this offseason, but re-signing Conte means they don't need to do so, giving them a lot more flexibility. And if they enter the season with a four-man rotation of Conte, Wright, McDougald and Tandy, they should be just fine -- as long as they upgrade their pass rush, that is.