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Noah Spence isn't the only top 10 NFL draft prospect with party drug concerns

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It's the year of the party drug, it seems. Noah Spence admitted to using MDMA in college, which is why he got kicked off the Ohio State team. And now Charlie Campbell of Walter Football reports that teams have "hard-party drug concerns" with two other first-round draft prospects: Joey Bosa and Ezekiel Elliott, both also Ohio State players.

Bosa told teams that he wouldn't take the test because he was going to test positive for adderall. He is said to have ADHD or ADD, so teams wouldn't have held that positive test for adderall against him and they feel he should have just gotten a prescription for the medication. Teams believe that Bosa knew he was going to test positive for worse drugs and that is why he refused to take the test. Bosa wouldn't admit to using ecstasy or molly, but he did admit that he likes to attend raves. He claimed that he likes going to raves for the "music," which teams found to be very questionable. Molly and ecstasy are common drugs used at raves.

Oh draft season, how I love your rumors. Especially  When the rumors end with "teams don't expect these concerns to have an impact on the draft stock of either player.

Let's be clear here: neither player tested positive for MDMA (the active substance in both ecstacy and molly, which are essentially the same thing). And MDMA itself isn't particularly physically addictive or dangerous. Basically, Bosa and Elliott partied a bunch in college and NFL teams don't like that -- but not enough to scrap them off their boards.

And rightly so. Partying NFL players aren't exactly rare, nor is said partying usually a problem for their careers. There are exceptions, like Johnny Manziel, but the mere fact of going out and enjoying yourself isn't generally a problem.