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Should the Buccaneers trade up for Jalen Ramsey in the 2016 NFL draft?

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Back in 2012, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers traded down from the fifth pick to the seventh pick overall. The Jacksonville Jaguars sent the Bucs the seventh pick overall and a fourth round pick, 101 overall. Is there a reason why the Bucs should try the reverse in the 2016 NFL draft?

Charlie Campbell noted that the Jags have a preference of pass-rushers over a cornerback. Charlie had an early heads up that the Bucs were all in for Winston long before the 2015 NFL draft. This year, Charlie noted that the Bucs were very high on Ramsey. So let us entertain this idea that the Jags prefer a pass rusher and the Bucs are in love with Ramsey. Let us use Charlie's counterpart, Walter, and his mock after the combine.

Walter Football Mock Draft
2016 Mock Top Ten, March 2nd
Pick Team Pos Player College
1 Tennessee OT Laremy Tunsil Ole Miss
2 Cleveland QB Carson Wentz North Dakota St.
3 San Diego DE DeForest Buckner Oregon
4 Dallas DE Joey Bosa Ohio State
5 Jacksonville LB Myles Jack UCLA
6 Baltimore S/CB Jalen Ramsey FSU
7 San Francisco QB Jared Goff Cal
8 Miami RB Ezekiel Elliot Ohio State
9 Tampa Bay DE/OLB Leonard Floyd Georgia
10 NY Giants CB Vernon Hargreaves Florida

In this particular mock draft, Spence and Ogbah are still available where the Bucs are to pick at the ninth spot. The Jags employ a 4-3 base defense. Myles Jack is recovering from a season injury. Bleacher Reports' Ian Wharton wrote an article titled, "2016 NFL Draft: Myles Jack is More Projection Than a Sure Thing."

The Meers Table

I think it is possible the Bucs and Jags reunite in another trade in the first round. So how much will it cost? For this exercise, I will be using the Meers table, which uses Pro Football Reference's metric called Career Approximate Value.


Application of the Meers table

2012 Tampa Bay Draft Day Trade, Early First Round Trade
Using Meers' CAV Table
Team Bucs Total Pts Jags Total Pts
Round 1 1 4
Overall 5th 7th 101st
Meers Point 357.9 357.9 329.4 94.7 424.1
Bucs Traded Down Difference 66.2
66.2 points is equivalent to a 5th round selection, pick 145

In the 2012 trade, the difference in the points was 66.2 points overpayment. This time around the Jags are in our position - the ability to move down and still grab talent that you actually want, which is a pass rusher while picking up a third-round pick.

2016 Tampa Bay Draft Day Trade, Early First Round Trade
Using Meers' CAV Table
Team Jags Total Pts Bucs Total Pts
Round 1 1 3
Overall 5th 9th 74th
Meers Point 357.9 357.9 308 118.4 426.4
Bucs Trade up Difference 68.5
66.2 points is equivalent to a 5th round selection, pick 141

While it may be a steep price for Jalen Ramsey, after the combine none of the defensive ends blew away the competition. By trading up, the Bucs get to ensure they get the player they want as opposed as a player they settle for at the ninth pick overall. The combine solidified Ramsey to be awesome on tape as well as a freak at the underwear Olympics.

Here is what's Bucky Brooks wrote about Jalen Wright:

Jalen Ramsey, DB, Florida State: The top-rated defensive back in the draft confirmed his status as a world-class athlete with spectacular football skills at the combine on Monday. Ramsey posted impressive measurements (a 4.41-second 40-yard dash, a 41.5-inch vertical jump and an 11-3 broad jump) for a big-bodied safety (Ramsey checks in at 6-foot-1 and 209 pounds) with long arms. In addition, the Florida State standout displayed outstanding quickness and fluidity in a variety of position drills designed to showcase his footwork and movement skills. With Ramsey's résumé full of splash plays and knockout hits, he cemented his reputation as a top-five talent with his strong performance.

Possibilities Abound

If Ramsey for some unknown reason is still available after the Dallas Cowboys pick 4th overall, then there might be a slight chance the Jags would be willing to drop four spots to pick up a third round pick and a DE of their choice in Spence, Ogbah, or Lawson, which is the Jag's preference according to Charlie Campbell. Also, to throw a wrench into things, Dallas runs a Tampa-2. A Tampa-2 defense needs a middle linebacker that is uber athletic as the mike will be asked to traverse the field, tackle, blitz, or cover.  Myles Jack may be selected by Dallas as the Bucs have shown what an athletic mike can do in a Tampa-2 with the draft selection of Kwon Alexander.