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When the NFL called Trent Dilfer "Trent the Heaven-Sent"

Way back in 1994, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers used the sixth overall pick to select a quarterback: Trent Dilfer. That quarterback won a Super Bowl (with the Baltimore Ravens) and made it to a Pro Bowl once, but Tampa mostly remembers for holding back a dominant defense for years on end.

In 1994, though, no one knew any of those things. Instead, the NFL made advertisements promising Bucs fans the world with Dilfer at the helm. Talk of Super Bowl wins and Hall of Fame inductions -- which must have been amusing for fans of a team that hadn't been to the playoffs since 1982. The result was this hilarious ad, via imgur user jonathanTaylorThomasFan.

They tried to make "Trent the Heaven-Sent" a thing. Seriously. That's in there.

Dilfer, of course, started two games as a rookie and threw just four touchdown to 18 interceptions in his second year in the NFL. Head coach Sam Wyche lost his job after two seasons of Dilfer, Tony Dungy gave up on Dilfer after another three, and the Baltimore Ravens dumped him after half a season worth of starts -- including one miraculous Super Bowl win.

We'll always have "Trent the Heaven-Sent" though.