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Miko Grimes deleted her Twitter and Instagram accounts when Brent Grimes signed with the Buccaneers

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Update: Miko Grimes says the Bucs never asked her to delete her social media accounts:

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have signed Brent Grimes to a two-year deal, and his wife Miko immediately deleted her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

With reports suggesting the Miami Dolphins cut Brent Grimes in part because of his wife's Twitter presence (the $8 million cap hit didn't help), this doesn't seem like a coincidence. Miko Grimes has always been outspoken on Twitter, but last year she crossed some lines -- at least from NFL teams' perspectives. Most prominently, she very vocally attacked Ryan Tannehill and three Dolphins beat writers for covering for the quarterback's (perceived) flaws in December. As entertaining as that was, and she certainly had a bit of a point about Tannehill's play, having the wife of one of your players publicly attack the face of your franchise is not exactly a good look.

Of course, the Dolphins could just have shrugged that off. After all, people thinking poorly of Tannehill aren't exactly rare on Twitter, and they don't employ Miko -- they employ her husband. In fact, the Dolphins reportedly asked Brent Grimes to take a pay cut -- suggesting that they were perfectly willing to deal with an outspoken, player's wife at a lower monetary cost.

Still, her deleting her social media accounts as her husband signs a new contract feels pretty deliberate. The Bucs may have asked Brent Grimes to ask his wife to delete her social media accounts to avoid that kind of embarrassment as a condition for signing him. If so, that was a lucrative decision: they signed him to a reported two-year, $16.5 million deal. Hopefully Brent and Miko can use some of that money to soften the blow of not having a public podium for a while.