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Grading Doug Martin's new contract with the Buccaneers

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers re-signed Doug Martin yesterday, in a move most Bucs fans seem to applaud. The two parties had been working toward an agreement for months, and it took Martin's agent talking to other teams, a couple of other running backs signing, and the threat of a deadline, to get it done.

The Bucs managed to get the Dougernaut to sign a five-year, $35.75 million contract with $15 million guaranteed and $7.25 million per year over the first three years, according to Ian Rapoport. The contract could balloon up to $42.5 million with incentives.

If those numbers are just mumbo-jumbo to you: they only paid him a little more than the Jacksonville Jaguars paid Chris Ivory, and it's less than DeMarco Murray got last year -- at least excluding incentives.

The question now is: how would you grade the re-signing of Doug Martin? Is this the move the Bucs needed to make to keep their offense together, or did they overpay for an inconsistent and replaceable back? Let us know below!