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Jameis Winston's rookie year, broken down

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are posting some pretty cool breakdowns on their official website. The latest: Jameis Winston's rookie season. The best part of these breakdowns is always Anthony Becht doing some film room work, as we can see above. Shorter Becht: Winston made some ridiculous throws as a rookie -- not exactly a secret to anyone who's been following along.

Amusingly, Becht didn't pick out the throws or games we highlighted during the season. Winston had easily his best game against the Philadelphia Eagleswith several veteran throws that few NFL quarterbacks can make, while he was outstanding against Washington as well. When your quarterback can make throws like this, you know he's got a lot of potential.

Now it's time for Winston to take the next step. He needs to use this offseason to improve on his weaknesses, mostly his deep throws and mechanics. If he can do that, 2016 should be a very good year for the Buccaneers offense.