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Buccaneers "likely" to re-sign Doug Martin

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have to do one thing before free agency opens: re-sign running back Doug MartinAccording to ESPN's Adam Schefter, that's very likely to happen.

Tampa Bay and Doug Martin are likely to figure out a deal that works for both sides, which would take one of the top running backs off the market before he gets there.

This is what we've expected all along as well. The Bucs are unlikely to use a franchise tag on Martin, as that's likely to cost somewhere around $11 million for a single year. But a long-term deal is very doable, and would probably net Martin around $7-8 million per year -- below the elite and unreachable contracts (Adrian Peterson and Marshawn Lynch at $12-$14 million per year), but at the top of the rest of the running back market.

Helping Martin's case: Koetter was a key factor in getting the Bucs to retain Doug Martin this offseason, and he had a resurgent year under Koetter.

There's another interesting note in Schefter's column: six teams need a quarterback, and a few more may want to add one. The Bucs still have Mike Glennon and could deal him -- though Pewter Report has been insistent that Jason Licht doesn't want to do that. A good offer can always get him pried loose, though.