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Bob McGinn lets a lot of anonymous scouts talk about 2016 NFL draft prospects

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Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel publishes a lot of articles based largely on collected quotes from anonymous NFL scouts and personnel executives every year. They're usually worth a read, though you need to take those quotes with a few grains of salt as well. His latest installment talks about the top 50 draft prospects, as the scouts and executives McGinn talks to see them.

Again: keep in mind that none of this is gospel, and different scouts will disagree with each other. Still, here are my main takeaways:

  • Scouts were very positive about Joey Bosa, calling him a potential first overall pick and "a little beter version of Justin Smith when he came out." Likewise, DeForest Buckner got positive reviews, though e's seen as "more of a run-down player" than a pure pass-rusher.
  • Vernon Hargreaves is seen as the top cornerback on the board, and a likely top eleven pick. Mackensie Alexander does not show up in this top 50, while Eli Apple, Kendall Fuller, Artie Burns and Xavien Howard show up way at the bottom. Not a great cornerback class, based on this list.
  • Emmanuel Ogbah, Shaw Lawson and Kevin Dodd land in the second tier of players, with scouts apparently seeing Dodd as slightly better than Lawson, and Ogbah below those two.
  • Noah Spence is a late first-round pick, if this ranking is correct. Mostly because of his off-field issues. McGinn quotes one scout as saying that "multiple trust things" got him kicked off Ohio State's team.