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Buccaneers not expected to go after Greg Hardy

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers need a pass rusher. A desperate team would go after Greg Hardy, who put up six sacks in twelve games last year after coming back from his suspension for a domestic abuse incident. The Bucs were that desperate team last year, but according to Pewter Report they won't be this year.

The Buccaneers aren't expected to pursue free agent pass rusher Greg Hardy, who wore out his welcome in Dallas after just one year. Last spring, the Cowboys beat the Bucs for Hardy's services, but received little production and a lot of locker room headaches with some of Hardy's outrageous statements to the media causing a distraction.

Tampa Bay would be well advised to steer clear of Hardy, who had just six sacks, a forced fumble and an interception in 12 games after missing the first four due to an NFL suspension stemming from his domestic violence case. The Bucs' own Jacquies Smith posted better stats in a similar number of games.

That's an interesting reversal from last year, when the Bucs got to the point of effectively offering him a contract before bowing out when it was clear he wanted to hit to Dallas. The Bucs didn't have much of a problem with his off-field issues then, so I'm not sure why they would now -- though they should. His history of domestic abuse is ugly.

Hardy being off the table doesn't mean the Bucs don't have any options in free agency. It's more likely that they try to fill that need in the draft, though.