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Buccaneers carry over some $8 million to 2016 salary cap

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will carry over nearly $8 million in unused salary cap space from last year, the NFLPA announced today.

With the nearly $8 million in carryover, a current spend of around $113 million (according to Over The Cap) and a league-wide salary cap that is likely to be in the neighborhood of $155 million, the Bucs should have over $50 million in cap space this year -- and can easily make more than that by releasing a few expensive veterans like Bruce Carter.

In other words: the Bucs can essentially spend as much as they want without worrying about being up against the cap. That may hurt them in the future -- though players like Vincent Jackson and Logan Mankins will see their salaries come off the books then -- but with a constantly rising cap, that's not necessarily something the Bucs should be worrying about right now.