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"Good chance" Buccaneers re-sign Doug Martin, let Bobby Rainey walk

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a "good chance" of re-signing Doug MartinRick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times reports, weeks after claiming that Martin is likely to hit free agency. The Bucs will meet with Martin's agent in Indianapolis this week, as they will with most NFL agents, but deals like this usually go down to the wire.

Stroud also notes that there's still a "good likelihood" that Martin hits free agency before he can agree on a long-term deal with the Bucs, who won't pay the running back $8 million per year. Maybe they can hash out a deal at $7.9 million per year instead.

Stroud also reports that the Bucs "may not" re-sign running back Bobby Rainey -- perhaps it's contingent on whether or not they retain Doug Martin. Rainey would be a useful player to have if they do lose the Dougernaut. He also confirms earlier reports that the Bucs won't be retaining Tony McDaniel, Henry Melton or Jorvorskie Lane, and that linebacker Bruce Carter's continued employment is a "tough call" due to his $4 million salary and backup status. Doesn't seem so tough to me -- no backup 4-3 linebacker is worth anywhere close to that kind of money.

Finally, he notes that the Bucs want to re-sign Chris Conte "at the right price." That confirms an earlier report by Pewter Report, and isn't entirely surprising: Conte played reasonably well as a starter at free safety last year. A lot of fans seem upset with him, but he made few big mistakes and was generally where he needed to be -- a big reason why the Bucs gave up the fewest 20-yard pass plays in the NFL. Of course, he wasn't splashy and he's not an impact player, so his value is still limited.

There's some other nuggets in Stroud's five-point post, so go read it.