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Video: Breaking down Donovan Smith and Ali Marpet

Anthony Becht has been doing film breakdowns for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a couple of years now, and they're usually worth a watch. The former Bucs tight end is especially good when it comes to breaking down offensive and defensive line play, which makes today's video over at and embedded above well worth a watch.

Becht shows us how the two rookies developed last year, obviously picking out some good plays and not focusing on the bad ones. But I think what he shows is largely representative, at least for Marpet. It was clear from day one watching Marpet that he would be an outstanding run blocker, and that his movement in space was something special. He's a much better athlete than the majority of NFL offensive linemen, and it shows once he gets to the second level.

For Donovan Smith, Becht is a little less positive. He shows two quality plays, but also notes that Smith has to work on his technique -- another thing that was obvious on tape. But so was his athletic potential, and he flashed repeatedly throughout the season. There were plays where he simply dominated his opponents, both in the running and passing game. But there were also plays where his technique abandoned him and he got beat far too easily -- especially when he was asked to quickly change direction in a pass set.

Those are things Smith is going to have to work on, but they're certainly not insurmountable. He has the potential to turn into a very good NFL tackle. That potential is, incidentally, why the Bucs will not be drafting an offensive tackle in the first round this year.