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The Bucs are so prudent that their worst contract is not a problem in any way

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Offseason lists are fun. Offseason lists where the Bucs come out smelling like roses are even better. The Sporting News decided to list the worst contract on every NFL team. Given that the Bucs have been a disaster in free agency for years on end, finding a terrible contract shouldn't be difficult. Turns out it is: the Bucs structure their contracts to cut bait early and leave them with minimal liabilities, so most players with terrible contracts are already off the roster.

The Bucs' worst contract? Alterraun Verner's four-year, $25.5 million deal with $8 million guaranteed. That's....actually a really manageable contract, if obviously too much for what Verner has done so far. In fact it's so manageable that the Bucs are reportedly going to give Verner a chance to earn his roster spot this offseason. Because two years into his contract, there's no guaranteed money left and really no reason for the team to cut him before the regular season starts.

If the Bucs don't cut him, they'll pay Verner some $6.75 million this year. That's a hefty amount for a decent cornerback, but with more than $50 million in projected cap space, that's not exactly going to be a problem.

So yeah, Tampa Bay's "worst" contract is a deal they can get out of at a moment's notice with no future commitments whatsoever, and a deal that won't hurt them if they don't get out of it. Cool by me.