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Buccaneers have two former no. 1 high school prospects

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have two former no. 1 high school prospects on their roster, and neither one is actually any good. The two players: Da'Quan Bowers and Ronald Powell.

Every Bucs fan knows Bowers. The team's second-round pick in 2011, who looked like a potential steal at the time but turned out to be a limited NFL player. Despite some flashes of athletic and pass-rushing talent, his playing time was consistently limited, injuries always bothered him, and he never turned into any kind of consistent player. After his contract ran out he couldn't get back on the roster, though he was signed late last year as a backup defensive tackle. He's on the offseason roster know, but earning a spot for the regular season is going to be a challenge.

Powell's a name few people will be familiar with. He was ESPN's number one high school prospect back in 2010, was drafted by the New Orleans Saints in 2014 in the fifth round as a linebacker, but released a year later. The Bucs signed him to their practice squad, but he was placed on injured reserve during last season, never seeing the field in a Tampa Bay jersey. He's no longer officially no the roster, but I'm counting him as a Buc: he hasn't signed anywhere else, and could be brought back this offseason.

Mostly, this is just a good reminder that the road from being a talented high school athlete to being a successful NFL player is a very, very long one. There's a lot more to being a good NFL player than just being a great athlete.