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2016 NFL Mock Drafts: No one knows who to mock to the Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have two major needs: edge rusher, and defensive back (any defensive back). Normally, this would make mock drafters' lives easy: just give whoever the best available player at either position is to Tampa Bay and move on to the tenth overall pick. Apparently, though, no one knows what to do with the Bucs.

Over at SB Nation, Adam Stites collected a whole bunch of mock drafts and then tabulated the results for each teams. Most teams have a clear frontrunner. Not so the Buccaneers: Stites found seven different major candidates, and a group of "others." None of thee options top 20%. There's nothing even remotely resembling a clear consensus.

The main option is Oregon's DeForest Buckner at 18.6%, with Noah Spence, Shaq Lawson and Vernon Hargreaves closely behind at 16.3%. That's a lot of defensive end, even though the top option for the Bucs is als by far the worst schematic fit: Buckner's not the difference maker against the pass the Bucs are looking for. Spence would be a great fit -- but it seems increasingly unlikely he'll fall to the Bucs. Lawson's a good fit, but perhaps not quite good enough to be the ninth overall pick, and the same is true for Hargreaves.

So that's where we're at right now: no one knows where the Bucs are going. Good old draft season.